Your pet is not just an animal – they are an extension of your family.

At United Veterinary Center (animal medical hospital), our pet care specialists understand this and strive to provide the quality and compassionate veterinary care that your pet deserves.

The United Vet Clinic is dedicated to providing high quality medical attention to your pet when they need it the most. Whether your pet needs their annual shots, is ill or injured, or is simply due for their annual check up, you can count on our pet care center to give your loved one the attention they need to get healthy, stay healthy, and thrive.

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We provide health care medical services for:

  • Dogs.
  • Cats.
  • Rabbits.
  • Avian and Exotic Animals.

Providing Preventative Care for Pets Throughout Connecticut

The staff at our pet care veterinary hospital believes in and practices preventative care for animals throughout the state of Connecticut. While it is important that your dog, cat, goldfish, horse, or any other pet sees a veterinarian when they are hurt or ill, routine preventative checkups can keep illness or injury from occurring at all.

Most veterinarians recommend the following exams at a pet’s annual checkup:

  • Internal and External Parasite Screening and Medications
  • Vaccinations
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Breathing Test
  • Vision Test
  • Blood Test
  • Ear Test
  • Coat and Skin Exam
  • Body Conditioning Test

Your veterinarian will perform each of these exams to ensure that a growing animal is developing properly, and that a fully developed animal is in optimal health.

Your vet will also perform a pet dental care exam, as oral health can impact your pet’s overall health. During their yearly exam, the veterinarian will examine your loved one’s teeth, tongue, gums, and palate to make sure that all is in good health. Any infections, tartar build up, or other abnormalities could lead to nutritional deficiencies, a bacterial infection, gum disease, or have other negative implications.

An annual checkup by the professionals at your local pet care center also serve to allow your doctor to monitor your pet’s progressive health, and to make recommendations regarding diet, treats, and exercise as necessary. Your pet care specialist’s utmost concerned is the continued health and wellness of your animal, just as yours is.

Stem Cell Therapy

One pet care service that the United Veterinary Center offers that many other pet care hospitals do not is stem cell therapy. An innovative procedure, stem cell therapy for animals uses your pet’s own stem cells to promote healing. This is also referred to as Autologous Therapy. When using one’s own stem cells, there is no ethical or moral issues to be concerned about; rather, you can focus on the fact that your pet’s own tissues will work to regenerate damaged tissues and encourage optimum healing.

Complete Pet Care for Healthy, Happy and Beloved Pets

Everyone wants to see their pets happy and health, but just because they look healthy does not mean that they are. Regular checkups, vaccinations, and proper medications can keep your furry friend in optimal health. Preventative care doesn’t cost much and can end up saving you money in the long run—not to mention it can end up saving your pet’s life!