There are many service providers of pet microchips today, but how reliable are they? How many of them can help you with your pet’s needs? Most of them are oversimplified and can’t deliver on their promise. If you want the best pet microchips in the market, then you might want to consider UVC’s pet microchip services. Here are some of the reasons why:

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1. The Importance of the Services

The importance of having microchips in your dogs may be more important than you think. There’s a low probability that your dog is going to run away from you or get away from your sight, but when they do, and the dog is gone, the only way you can get to the dog could just be with the help of a pet microchip.

A microchip for UVC is also important with your cat because cats usually are very tricky to contain. They’re agitated. They might look enervated, but when they run away, it might be impossible to track them down if they can’t come back. A microchip is also useful when you’re trying to put an identity on your cat.

An ID on your pet cat or dog would be able for your vet to easily monitor the health of your pets. That’s just one of the many ways that you can make sure that your pets are given all the available security and protection for them today.

We at UVC can help you with all your microchipping needs. We have the right expertise to make sure that your pets are given the best microchip system today. We at UVC are also able to give your exotic pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, the microchips they need, too.

The good thing about the services we at UVC offer is that we make sure that when your pets run away from you, our microchip will offer a guarantee that they will come back. Your pets are some of the essential parts of your family, and when they’re lost, it could sometimes be unimaginable.

2. Online Profile

It’s also good to know that the services we have for you from us at UVC will give your pets an online profile. You can check your pets’ online status. You can sign up for a web account for your pets and manage the profile of the microchips ingrained in your pets’ chip.

Another bonus that you can get from our microchips is that you can get your microchip inside your pets forever! You can register once for your microchips, and you can already get a complete suite of wellness benefits and safety tools that can make a whole lot of difference for your pets.

With the microchip you acquire from us at UVC, you can already assure yourself that you have a backup plan once your pet accidentally gets away from your sight.

3. Complete Details

You may be worried that the dog microchip you have would be incomplete with the necessary info. You might be wondering if the microchip for your dog might not work when you need it. We at UVC will guarantee that it will never happen. It will work at the right time you need it. It will work when your pet cat or dog disappears, and you need to look for it.

The solutions we have at UVC will also guarantee that the microchip works the way you want it to. Because your pet is already inside our pet database, then we can alert you the moment your pet is lost. It’s also useful to know that our products have long-lasting durability. This ensures our product will never fail on you. This ensures you that our microchip will be still there when you and your pet needs it the most.

4. Updated Information

What also makes our microchip one of the best products in the market is how we update your pet’s information. We have an auspicious track record of providing quality and reliable microchips in the market. Why? Because we make sure that we update the information on the pet’s microchip.

We make sure that your pets’ locations and microchip data are constantly renewed. No data about your pet is obsolete. No data is made out of date. As a result, when your pet is lost, we can easily find it for you with the latest information available. This means that should you leave your pet far away from your original home, we’re still able to track it for you.

5. Long-Range Distance

Many veterinarians today have microchips offered to the pets. What makes UVC stand out from the rest is the fact that the range of the microchip that we have can reach about 3,000 miles away from the original place that the pet is from.

So what are you waiting for? Secure the safety and protection of your pets now by contacting us at UVC and availing of our various microchip products – (203) 957-3375!